Immediate Unreality

Wine inspired by Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station

As you stand at the precipice of the Converged Worlds, let Immediate Unreality wash over you. 

With flavor notes of cosmic infinitum and aromas of free will, this refreshing and bubbly handcrafted blend is said to aid in unraveling the multiversal mysteries that lie ahead. 

This custom blended bubbly white wine – handcrafted at our Fort Collins winery – is now available exclusively inside the multiverse transit hub known as Convergence Station at Meow Wolf’s HELLOFOOD cafe and bar and for earthlings at our winery in Fort Collins.

Enter a multiverse of flavors

Immediate Unreality is a crisp white blend with bubbles that pop into aromas of lime zest and starfruit. The medium body and balanced acidity reveal flavors of juicy citrus, mineral and spice.

We sourced grapes from family-owned vineyards in Washington and Oregon and then crushed, fermented and blended them here at our Fort Collins winery. Pair this wine with chicken adobo or dumplings with sweet chili sauce.